USC Eco member, Rachele Wilson, is saving around 9.7 tonnes of GHG emissions per year according to 1 Million Women. How much can you pledge? Join our group challenge at

Do you want to live a pollution-free and low-carbon lifestyle? Then take our Carbon Challenge.

This is where we’ll show you how! Our Carbon Challenge has more than 50 activities to cut pollution. They cover Energy, Food, Travel, Shopping, Money and Sharing.

We ask you to make a personal goal: to cut a minimum of 1 tonne of CO2 pollution from your daily life within a year.

Each activity has a pollution value attached so you can measure your progress. Choose activities that work for you, add them to your personal dashboard, and come back anytime you want to add more.

It’s that easy! And doesn’t cost a thing to participate.

If you’re already living a low-carbon life, why not join our community to track the impact you’re having?

Take the Carbon Challenge, and start living your low-carbon life.