As the world population is set to reach over 9 billion by 2050, the global food demand is expected to increase by 70%, particularly in developing countries where meat production will rise by up to 58% from today (FAO, 2009).

Experts actually predict the cost of food will rise significantly by 2030 as a result of current climate change and biodiversity loss.

What’s it Worth is an event that gathers your friends together to share a meal to fight climate change from your kitchen table. On 18–19 March 2017, supporters from around the country will be hosting meals for friends and family to help The Wilderness Society protect nature and fight climate change.

It’s not too late to register your event, but if you’re busy on 18–19 March, you are welcome to host an event up until 23 April to raise money to make sure we all have a safe climate future.

Your guests will donate what they think their meal is really worth to your fundraising page to help The Wilderness Society win our campaigns.