USC Eco will hold its annual general meeting on Wednesday 5 April at 12pm (week 6) at the Student Guild.

We’ll run general elections for 2017 Co-Directors to form the USC Eco Board of Directors, so make sure you’re there if you want to try it out or want a say in who will lead the club this year.

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*voting now open*

We’ll also review and approve the revised USC Eco Constitution at the meeting. Provided all changes are approved, USC Eco will be run as a non-hierarchical group where everyone has an equal role in decision-making and anyone can contribute their ideas.

Board of Directors

USC Eco will be governed by a Board of Directors of not less than three (3) members and not more than seven (7) members elected at the annual general meeting. The officers of the Board of Directors will be referred to as Co-Directors and will nominate to act in the role of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary on a rotational basis throughout the year.

Co-Directors are expected to meet independently of the general body to plan meetings and events. In case of a vacation of office, the group will elect a replacement at the next general meeting.


If you’d like to get involved as a Co-Director in 2017, submit your expression of interest by 5pm, Monday 3 April.

Submit Nomination
*update* nominations are now closed

All you need to provide is your name, a few sentences on why you’d like to join and what you think you could bring to the role. We also ask that you confirm you’ll be studying and/or committed until this time next year.

We’ll proceed with the vote at the meeting. Electronic voting will be available here from 5:30 PM, Monday 3 April for members who aren’t able to attend.

See you then!

Oh, we almost forgot…. food will be provided 🙂