Did you know, it is now believed that there is over 5 trillion pieces of plastic pollution floating around in the worlds oceans? Or that there are now over 200 ‘dead zones’ where life doesn’t grow or flourish due to the heavy amounts of plastic pollution within those areas? Now you do, and if you’re anything like us then sitting down and watching it get worse isn’t an option for you. With this being said we’d like to introduce you to the Prevent Plastic Pollution 2018 edition!

With the year in full swing you can guess that USC Eco have been up to our usual eco-warrior stuff! On May the 20th members from USC Eco grouped up with Conservation Volunteers Australia to host a beach clean up at Dicky Beach Caloundra and the results, while satisfying, we’re dreadful. What appeared to be a pristine environment with the rolling blue waves and shiny white sand we all know and love was actually a haven for micro plastics and cigarette butts (over 300 to be precise)… once started we soon realised just how much rubbish there was, over 1000 pieces were collected over the coarse of an hour and we can guarantee that wasn’t all there was.

Volunteers sorting and analysing marine debris

But what does all this mean for you? Well, not only are there future clean up where you can help us combat marine debris pollution, but there will also be a Plastic Pollution trivia night at the Wharf in Mooloolaba on August the 1st! Tickets and further details will be released shortly, but for now, know that this trivia night will be bustling with waste-free prizes, cheap eats, talks from local environmental groups and will be hosted by plastic pollution solutions expert Anthony Hill who has played host to over 400 successful plastic pollution awareness events! Not only are we incredibly excited to be teaming up with him for our 2018 trivia night, but we’re incredibly humbled to be given the opportunity to bring his knowledge and passion to the beautiful Sunshine Coast. For anyone with any extended questions or wanting to volunteer and lend a helping hand on the night please email theteam@usceco.com  with your expression of interest.

USC Eco volunteers from CVA’s beach clean up on the 20th of May, 2018.


If you’re looking towards lending a helping hand at beach clean ups, Conservation Volunteers Australia are looking for as many hands as they can get! You can register here to take part in any of the CVA beach clean ups at Moffat, Shelly and Dicky beach. At all beach clean ups hosted by CVA a marine debris analysis will occur at the end, if you’re interested in learning about the ramifications caused by each type of marine debris check out Ocean Crusaders who so easily explain exactly what damage your plastic consumption can cause. This knowledge may come in handy at both our trivia night and the next few beach clean ups that USC Eco are co-hosting with CVA (keep an eye out for dates, soon to be announced!), as prizes and awards will be given out.

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