Environmental education to prevent marine plastic pollution

Beaches from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast have 11.6 items of plastic rubbish per square metre, on average, contributing to almost 14 thousand tons of rubbish entering the ocean from Australia's coastline on an annual basis (CSIRO 2016). As they travel out to sea, plastics get ground down into small, hard cubes, which are consumed by marine animals. … Continue reading Environmental education to prevent marine plastic pollution

Campus clean-up

Cleaning up the beach is one of the most practical ways to save our marine life from plastics and other non-degradable waste. It feels good and it's super effective. But did you know that 80% of marine debris is from land-based sources? That's right, it all has to come from somewhere and most rubbish finds … Continue reading Campus clean-up

Fauna Awareness Flyers

We've developed a simple flyer with information about how to rescue injured wildlife, the types of animals most likely to be injured in our area, locations of rescue centres and key contacts.

Carpooling at USC

We're currently running a campaign for the support of a carpooling scheme at USC to ease on the pressures of car parking. There are currently 2,500 car parking spaces at USC Sippy Downs, but 8,000 students and staff get to campus by single occupancy car. You do the maths.

Fossil Free USC

We are working with Fossil Free Unis Australia and the Sunshine Coast Environment Council to drive a Fossil Free campaign to encourage USC to make a public commitment that they won’t invest in fossil fuels and divest from any current fossil fuel investment.

Beach clean

Keeping our beaches tidy and our oceans free from plastics and other non-degradable waste.

10 Resolutions for a Climate Revolution

Each resolution is more difficult than the last, from reducing waste to changing your diet or switching banks. Commit to all of them or just one, and don't forget to challenge your friends and family!